2023 Indian Challenger, Pursuit & Chieftain Series First Look

If you feel like Indian Motorcycle dropped the very first edition of the Challenger Elite only a few months ago, you’d be right. Check out the debut of the 2022 model here. But since we’re now into the new model year, it seems the honchos at Indian felt confident in announcing “the debut of the Challenger Elite” for 2023.

Ah, well, it’s all good. For one, the 2023 Elite actually does look like a new model, given its sharp new Sapphire Blue Smoke with Black and Titanium Smoke livery. And for 2023, the model retains its exclusive status; only 150 examples will be available globally.

Indian is also bringing the other three Challengers back for 2023, as well as the two PowerPlus-powered Pursuit models and the three Chieftain V-twins; there is no Chieftain Elite this year.