ATV Buyer’s Guide

Deciding to buy an ATV is an exciting choice. You will be adding adrenaline, exploration, and thrilling memories to your life! But knowing you want an ATV and knowing which model to buy are two different things. With all the choices on the market, you will want some way to narrow your search to a more manageable level. We’ve created the following buyer’s guide to help you find your perfect match. When you are ready to explore ATVs for sale, check out the selection at MOMS Foxboro. Our dealership is located in Foxboro, Massachusetts. We also proudly serve those in Brockton, Massachusetts, as well as Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

1. What’s Your Budget?

A great place to start is establishing a budget. Think about how much you can realistically spend on an ATV. This allows you to eliminate anything beyond your price point right from the start. It also helps you get the highest quality model that you can afford, rather than accidentally passing on features or specs that are within your budget.

2. What’s Your Experience Level?

Another key factor to consider is your riding level. New riders will want to seek out easy to control models with less powerful engines, usually in the 250 to 300 ccs range. They will also want to consider features to make learning to ride easier, such as throttle limiters, keyed ignitions, and CVT transmissions.

Experienced riders will be seeking models that offer power potential to match their skill level. After all, no one wants to be held back by their engine’s capability! Advanced riders can also look for improved agility and speed potential since they’ll have the skills needed to handle the high-performing models.

3. What Terrain Do You Want to Conquer?

Sure, ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle, but the average model is designed to best handle compact dirt terrain since that’s the turf that most riders explore. If you hope to ride on more challenging terrain, such as loose materials like sand or mud, you will want a model that offers the necessary features for safe riding.

4. What Size Do You Want?

ATVs come in a wide range of sizes to correspond to different riding styles. Compact models can handle tight and twisting trails with ease. You won’t need to worry about missing out on width-restricted trails due to your vehicle being too wide. These smaller models can go on any trail you like. The smaller size also means a lighter machine, which helps promote your agility.

Larger models may not fit on every trail, but they can offer an even better performance. They usually house more powerful engines and can offer a more thrilling ride. The extra space also lends itself well to increased storage space so you can bring along anything you need for a comfortable ride. Some of these larger models can even fit another passenger. Bring along a family member or a friend to give them the ride of their life!

5. How Will You Use the ATV?

Most ATVs are used for recreational riding, which means you will want to seek out high performance features. Look for models with great suspension to keep the ride smooth even when the trail is not. But some owners use their ATV to help maintain their property. Here you’d want to look for durable models with the endurance needed to tackle a variety of projects.

We hope you found this ATV buyer’s guide helpful! If you want any assistance finding the right model, the friendly staff at MOMS Foxboro can help. Tell us your budget and how you hope to use your powersports vehicle. Then we will suggest models that fit your criteria. Our dealership is located in Foxboro, Massachusetts. We also serve those in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, as well as Brockton, Massachusetts.