Buying a Used Motorcycle

If you’ve begun the quest of looking for a used motorcycle in order to save money, then you might be wondering what it is you should think about during the shopping process. After all, you don’t want to get a bike that doesn’t meet your needs, even if it is affordable, and you certainly don’t need a bike that isn’t up to snuff.

But that’s why we’re here! MOMS Foxboro, serving Massachusetts, is your local motorcycle dealer. Here are some of our top tips for purchasing a used motorcycle.

Determine Your Budget

Your first step in this process is to think about what you can afford to spend. If you’re going with a used bike, then you’re already on your way to saving money, which is great! However, that doesn’t mean that used bikes are free; you’re still going to spend a fair bit on one.

Going over your means isn’t wise, but you also want to set a used motorcycle budget that’s realistic in terms of market prices. Check out some models online to get an idea of what you’ll have to spend at a bare minimum, and figure out your absolute maximum based on your financial situation.

When developing a budget, don’t forget to consider all the extra stuff you might need, like safety gear, insurance, aftermarket accessories, storage and maintenance costs. You can also look into financing options like what we have here at MOMS Foxboro, if you would like to break up your payments over time.

Figure Out What Bike You Want

Your second order of business is to figure out which type of bike will best suit your riding needs. Not all motorcycles are built the same! Many novice riders make the mistake of choosing a bike that’s far too powerful for them to handle, or they get a bike that’s not suited to how they like to ride.

If style takes precedence, you should look into powerful and showy cruisers. If you want to go off the beaten path, then a dirt bike is more your speed. And if you want to go the distance, then a touring bike will ensure that you’re comfortable for the duration of your long ride. Those with a competitive streak might prefer a sleek sportbike instead.

Buy From a Reputable Seller

Now it’s time to actually look at some bikes! You might be tempted by an online posting by a private seller, but buyer beware: some private sellers may be trying to offload a problematic bike at a cheap price to make a quick buck. You’re going to need to do your research and perform a thorough inspection of every bike that interests you. Test out the controls, check the oil, inspect the tires for signs of wear and see if you can do a test ride. Ask the seller for maintenance records and for the bike’s repair history and so forth. If they’re not forthcoming with this information, if they refuse to let you test the bike or if they won’t provide answers to your questions, move along! You’re probably dealing with a scam artist if this is the case.

Buying from a dealership is the smart way to go, since they will have inspected and repaired any bikes that they purchase before putting them on the sales floor. A reputable seller like MOMS Foxboro will ensure that you get all the information you need in order to make a wise purchasing decision.

Visit us at our dealership located in Foxboro, Massachusetts, to check out our wide selection of used motorcycles for sale. You can also talk to our staff about our financing options, should you wish to use them. MOMS Foxboro, with three sister stores, proudly serves our customers in Brockton, Massachusetts, and Pawtucket, Rhode Island.