Group Riding Tips

Riding your motorcycle by yourself is a thrill in itself but you should try group riding if you really want to kick things up a notch. There’s something special about sharing such an exciting experience with like-minded individuals who enjoy the open road just as much as you do. A great perk of group riding is it’s much safer than riding alone due to the increased visibility and extra support of your fellow riders.

There are a few essential tips you should follow so that you have a satisfying first group riding experience. MOMS Foxboro has put together a brief guide to get you started. If you have further questions or want to pick up some new gear before your first group ride, stop by our dealership in Foxboro, MA near Brockton, Pawtucket, and Milford.


Preparing for a ride is a critical step in the process, whether you’re going it alone or in a group. Your preparation process might be slightly different when you’re riding in a group. For example, make sure all riders are on the same page. Each member of the group should have the proper gear packed and all bikes should be in excellent shape for hitting the road. Of course, make sure you have a full tank of fuel. Always complete a pre-ride check before you head out. Confirm that everything is in working order, like your brakes and all your lights.

Planning a Route

It’s important to always have the route planned in advance so that every member of the group knows where to go. Last minute changes and spur-of-the-moment detours are perfectly fine when you’re alone but can be problematic on a group ride. You don’t want any members to get lost or separated because that’ll only cause you to lose time. If you want to avoid setbacks, it’s best to plan a route and stick to it.

Remember that every group member’s riding level should be taken into consideration. You’re a team after all so you need to stick together and have each other’s backs. Don’t push the group to go harder, faster, or longer than necessary. This isn’t a competition, it’s a group activity! You want everyone to enjoy the ride as much as possible, so be sure to work together and help out anyone who might need it.

Forming Up

You should consider establishing a formation before you hit the road. Riding in a formation provides a safer environment for everyone. Don’t forget that it’s illegal in most states to ride in a side-by-side style. The most common and effective formation choice consists of two alternating lines. You’ll ride in a tapered line that alternates from left to right. You might consider assigning roles based on skill level. For example, riders in the front and back should be the most experienced and possess outstanding leadership skills. The group leader should be responsible for setting the pace so that everyone can easily keep up without feeling rushed. The last rider should have a repair kit in case anyone has an issue, he can pull off the road to assist.

Hand Signals

In the event that you need to communicate with each other on the road, you should come up with hand signals beforehand. Everyone will know the meaning of the hand signals and how to react in case there’s a problem. There should be signals for identifying hazards, for stopping, turning, and pulling over. You should make it a point to review these before the ride so all members are familiar with the hand signals.

Now that you’ve got the basics under your belt, it’s time to ride with your group! This is an exhilarating new experience that serves as the perfect way to socialize with your biker pals. If you have questions or want to check out our inventory, stop by MOMS Foxboro in Foxboro, MA near Brockton, Pawtucket, and Milford.