The Best Motorcycle Routes in Massachusetts

Some might say that the best time to ride your motorcycle is when the leaves are turning, just before the roads start to get icy. This is how you appreciate the true beauty of our great state. As fun as it is to ride around your local neighborhoods, there are some motorcycle routes that you have to check out once you get the right set of wheels. We’ve listed a few of them below, but you can also ask our staff about some of their personal favorites. Just stop by MOMS Foxboro, in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and chat with one of our friendly staff about what rides they love. We also serve those in Brockton, as well as Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Mohawk Trail

What was once a Native American trade route to connect Atlantic tribes with Upstate New York, the Mohawk trail now refers to a region of riding routes that takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of northwestern Massachusetts. Following Route 2 from North Adams to Greenfield (or however much longer you want it to be), you’ll encounter so many amazing sites and entertaining side ventures. Check out some of the specialized tours suggested for the area, like the ones that take you past places like Heritage State Park, Susan B. Anthony’s birthplace, and the highest point in Massachusetts. You can even follow Route 2 all the way to Boston and extend the trip.

Quabbin Reservoir Loop

Just south of the Mohawk Trail is the largest inland body of water in the state. It’s the source of most of Boston’s water supplies, as well as 40 other communities. Driving around the reservoir can make for a relaxing afternoon ride. Breaking off from Route 2, follow Route 101 to Route 32A, all the way down to Route 9, and then back up again on Highway 202, which will take you down and around the southern tip of the reservoir. As you ride through, you’ll pass by forests, farmland, and quaint towns for a peaceful, relaxing, and easy ride.

Cape Cod Tour

For something in the eastern part of the state, you might be more interested in coasting down the coastline, around Cape Cod. It’ll be a little chillier this time of year, but it’ll be worth it. Follow Route 6 around the boot and take every opportunity to stop and appreciate the bay view, or grab some lunch at one of the local towns. Follow the road along Cape Cod National Seashore, all the way up to Provincetown where you can visit the Pilgrim Monument at the Provincetown Museum. Check out local sites while admiring the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

Cape Ann

If you can’t get enough of that salty sea air, head north to Cape Ann. Through forested roads and along the shoreline, there’s so much to see and do as you ride through the area. Try the fried clams for a truly mind-blowing experience and travel through the four major areas of the region: Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport. Travel along the Essex Coastal Byway for a unique look at this breathtaking region, and even enjoy some of the non-motorcycle related activities. This can include whale watching, lighthouses, guided tours, and more. Stop by one of the many quaint towns and relax at one of the many scenic stopping points. Just make sure to pack a jacket!

Finding the right motorcycle ride isn’t going to be that difficult to find in a state like Massachusetts. With so many amazing things to see, you’ll probably want to start exploring as soon as you can. If you’re still looking for the motorcycle to help get you there, then stop by MOMS Foxboro and let one of our experienced staff show you what we have available right now. We welcome all those from Foxboro and Brockton, Massachusetts, as well as Pawtucket, Rhode Island.